CM Service is a professional supplier of corrugated board refurbished machinery. We are a young and dynamic company consists of highly skilled and qualified personnel with more than 20 years of experience in converting industry, for machines of corrugated board. We deal with sales, machine maintenance and installation, mechanical and electrical solution, software development and implementation.

The product we can handle ranges from flexo printing machine, flatbed die-cutter, casemaker to boxmaker. We are specialized in BOBST machine retrofit, models include BOBST SPO 1600 ~ 203; BOBST flexo 1600 to the latest generation and MARTIN casemakers.

All our engineers are able to work independently on both mechanically and electrically, including writing PLC program and software implementation. By upgrading your machine program, we can improve machine performance and productivity. We also act as consultant to give you advice on the spare parts available in the market. We offer the most suitable proposal to you in terms of cost and delivery.

We provide our services not only in Italy, but all over Europe and North Africa.

In the future, we are committed to constant and continuous growth and improvement to keep up-to-date technology in order to meet our customers’ needs as best as we can.