Bobst SPO Automatic Die Cutter refurbished

Welcome to the home page of BOBST SPO Automatic Flatbed Die Cutters. Here you can find our BOBST SPO die cutters with all the technical information and the full range of refurbishment service which can be applied to the die cutters.

Our full experience in redeveloping BOBST SPO die cutters can guarantee you a highly efficient machine after refurbishment. Our specialized knowledge in Bobst die cutters enables us to meet all your needs in paper cutting.

No one will doubt about the impressive performance of BOBST-SPO Automatic Flatbed die-cutters. However, with our intervention on the machines, we are able to help you in achieving even higher level of machine quality and productivity with long durability.

In the whole refurbish process, we first begin with cleaning of the machine. After that, we will have detailed evaluation of the machine to confirm what kind of improvement is going to be done on the machine. We will also make sure that the machine’s safety structure will be in full compliance with current local safety regulations. After all these inspections, we will proceed to refurbishment and upgrade of the machine. For all the machines after our refurbishment, we offer 6~12 month full warranty.

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